Tuesday 16 September 2014

What is Tommy doing?

In a previous post to this blog, Adrian identified the strategic similarities of this bet, and a game of poker.  In it, he outlined how he suspected that Mark might have shown his hand too early, and he felt (in the spirit of fairness), he should do the same.  

In fact, he recently revealed his 5K track time (which is the fastest surface one can run on).  It indicated there is still some work to do.  But he has been setting PBs left right and centre at Parkruns. 

Mark his continued his startling improvement, although Adrian got revenge from the Swindon experience, beating him by 20 seconds at the Hilly Fields Parkrun (the name indicates the difficulty of the course), setting another PB in the process.

But the third competitor is noticeable by his silence: just what exactly is Tommy's plan?  Since this blog has started, he has run precisely zero Parkruns.

This could be for one of two reasons
  1. He is training in secret, and keeping his powder dry
  2. He can't be bothered
Early indications show that he has adopted option 2.

Either way, it gives the same conclusion.  If he realises that a sub 20 time is within his reach, the it may be in his interest to hold back, until the others get close, thereby increasing the size of the prize.  Of course this is true for Adrian and Mark as well. 

Time will tell whether this tactic pays off for Tommy.  It probably won't.

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